DevOpsKube – My opinionated View of a full SDLC Stack on Kubernetes – Roadmap

It was decided to use the following Roadmap to be able to provide some useful Components already and to have something to extend on.

Note, that this roadmap is not fixed yet and it could be, that some mentioned features are coming in later versions. This roadmap should just describe the rough idead where DevOpsKube is heading to.

Version 0.1

All Components mentioned in the first post should be provided using MySql. Furthermore the configuration for these components is provided and docaumented. All necessary steps to setup a single node cluster (based on CoreOS) will be documented as well.

This will be a pre-liminary version to provide all the components and steps to build up the future „development“ environment.

Version 0.2

Add additional components to the Stack to provide a fully featured SDLC Stack. These components could be:

Version 0.3

Add additional components for eg. SSO and other things, which can be useful in an SDLC Stack:

This version should already provide SSO functionality for the defined components.

Version 0.4

Additional functionality to be able to create projects via a single REST-API call. This is the first version with some unique functionality. The REST-API should include a web-based client as well as a Command-line client.

Version 0.5

Make all of the components (if upstream allows) HA-able. Furthermore integrate those as much as possible.

Version 0.6

Be self-hosted. We should eat our own dog-food, therefor we should host this project on our own Kubernetes Cluster.