DevOpsKube – My opinionated View of a full SDLC Stack on Kubernetes

What is DevOpsKube?

A Kubernetes „cluster“ with all things SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)/DevOps related. This Solution is going to be implemented so that it Can be installed onto a one node cluster. In later phases also big installations should be possible.

What is the Motivation behind DevOpsKube?

It was/is the dream of myself to be able to install such a full SDLC stack easily on own Hardware and/or environment. Kubernetes seems like the natural choice for this.

Up until now there is no full DevOps Stack for vanilla Kubernetes. The following „solutions“ can be found when googling:

  • fabric8 – highly based on RedHats OpenShift, probably the closest to my requirements
  • Harbur – mainly focused on docker and has no real kubernetes support
  • Software Factory – from RedHat as well, based on OpenStack
  • Marcel Birkner – a blog-post from codecentric (merely an blog-post with some docker containers)
  • GoPaddle – seems to be focused on a full CI Environment to install Container on Kubernetes and uses eg. Jenkins, but is commercial and has a different focus then the above mentioned ones

None of the above mentioned stacks do fulfill my needs/my idea, therefor I decided to put this stack together to allow to install a full SDLC stack on an own Kubernetes cluster or even on the Google Cloud.

So watch this place closely during the next couple of days, because Herr you will read First as soon as this Project is started and where you can reach it.

So what do you think? Are you interested? Would you like to contribute? Please just leave a comment and/or write me an email.

EDIT 2016-10-09 16:10: Updated the links, so that they do work in WordPress