Open Source Projects and their Teams

In any Open Source Project you will find the same players like in most (say all)  teams.

I have just participated in a Leadership Training and got introduced to the roles in teams. At the same time I started to program in an open source team to implement a small application. Since this is not my first involvement in an open source team, I thought, it would be quite interesting to map the „official company environment“ onto the open source world. Not really to my surprise I found out, that the company environment is quite similar to the open source environment.

There are some differences in open source teams and teams in a company (eg. there is usually no money involved at the beginning of an open source project), but there are also a lot of common things. I was involved in quite some OSS projects and all projects which are successful there is a strong leader (see maven. There are, of course, other open source projects, which totally belong to the community (see Debian, but there are no commercial interests and also all decisions in these projects do take quite a long time (see:

IMHO this is also true for companies. With strong I mean somebody able to sell his vision and got people interested in
the technology behind. Nowadays technology is mostly something new and interesting like eg nodejs or nosql. In a company environment you do not need a nice technology to gather people around you, but to gather bright people you do need it as well.