Getting into CXF

For my new Job (oh, i did not blog about this one, but more information will follow soon) I am currently investigating a couple of EAI frameworks. One of them is Apache CXF. For this investigation, I am implementing a very easy task and use an easy tutorial (Creating a REST service with CXF and Spring in 10 minutes. Well, to be totally honest, it took me more then 10 minutes to get this up and running. Of course, this is mainly due to the fact, that I wanted to gather some more information about JXF and used my own services.
The first issue I stumbled upon was a problem with the error message: „no resource classes found“. Problem here was, that my ResourceService (call it Controller or whatever) implemented an interface and the JAX-RS Annotations were defined on the interface, instead of the concrete class. This was not working correctly. No I define all the annotations on the concrete class and everything went fine.
Another issue, I gathered on Tomcat, but not on Jetty, was a problem with the @Path-Annotation. I defined a @Path(„/folder“) on the class, and on the concrete method I defined another @Path(„/{id}“). This throw an exception on starting up Tomcat. After removing the „/“ from the second @Path (so: @Path(„{id}“). This was another step into the right direction.