IRC: nick/channel temporarily unavailable

I am using the public ZNC (an IRC bouncer) from for my access to the freenode IRC network. I have had a minor problem when I connected to my ZNC. Since my away nick was not registered to my account (which is triplem btw), I have had to „login“ each time when I connected to the ZNC and my nick was changed from triplem[a] to triplem. So, I started my IRC client (XChat btw) and forgot to type in my password again, this lead to a problem that my nick was temporarily unavailable. To resolve this I looked on the freenode page and found the following easy solution:

  1. Registered my away nick with /nick triplem[a] and /msg nickserv group (of course I needed to login to my account, which was not a problem, since several nicks are already grouped to my main nick and I just chose one of those).
  2. I released the original nick (triplem) with the following command: /msg nickserv release triplem , and everything was fine.

Hope this helps you as well. And if you would like to meet me on IRC, you can take a look into the following channels:

  • #shellium
  • #globalshellz
  • #netburst
  • #archserver

Probably we meet us there 😉