QEMU and Ubuntu

I just downloaded the ISO Image of Buildix, which is a Knoppix LiveCD with some nice tools for the Build and configuration management. Due to the fact, that I am already running Linux on my Laptop and just would like to browse through some files in this BuildIx, I decided to use qemu for testing out this distro.

First of all, let me tell you, that I was not able to install the qemu acceleration package on my laptop with Ubuntu Edgy Eft 🙁 But the ISO Image starts just fine with the command line

sudo qemu -boot d -m 256 -cdrom  ./buildix-1.1.iso -no-kqemu

In this command line the qemu loads a cdrom image called buildix-1.1.iso with the no-kqemu option, since this is not available on my system. Furthermore, I have given 256M of Memory to this emulation (yeah, it is slow, but it is enough for testing purposes).

With this, it is not possible to use a network connection to the host system, to for example exchange files between the two systems. Therefor I installed the tun/tap stuff (sudo apt-get install uml-utilities). This way is explaned in the FAQ of qemu.

After making the qemu-tab script executable, and call it with

sudo ./qemu-tap -boot d -m 256 -cdrom  ./buildix-1.1.iso -no-kqemu
a new tap-interface is created on the host-system (Ubuntu Linux) with the IP In the guest system I see an interface eth0 and configured this for the same subnet (with ifconfig eth0, and can now ping the host system 🙂

Everything I wanted works now in this environment. Pretty slick.