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Desklets / Widges II

I just found another alternative to gDesklets and aDesklets. This is Jackfield, with which it seems to be possible to use Dashboard Widgets from Apple. I will have a look on this and report back, as soon as I have some experiences with it 🙂


Get Songbird

Yesterday I found Songbird, a media player based on Firefox. Because of this, it runs on any platform. I think even though it is in beta mode (version 0.2), it looks pretty promising and is working quite good. And it has some nice icons and stuff 🙂

Password Manager

Hello, currently I am looking for a password manager. I have one on my linux box (Revelation) which does exactly what I need. Also I am using PasswordSafe at work, where I have to use a windoze box. These two are pretty much interchangeable, because they can read/write the same dataformat. Now I am looking for a software, which reads the same format on the Palm OS. Also it would be possible to interchange the data through a secure communication, possibly this is a solution? I just found KeyRing for PalmOS, but this is not compatible. Are there any solutions for this kind of problem? I cannot believe this. BTW, I did not wrote an entry, that I bought a Palm TX. I have had to decide if I buy a Axim (Dell) or a Palm. My decision was a Palm because right now I have no windoze box at home, and I don’t want to change this. Furthermore Palm is supported by evolution and gnome and right now there is no sync between evolution and windows mobile 5. Anyway, I still have the Password manager issue. Can anybody help me?

A copy of the iPod Shuffle???

This looks like a good copy of the newest iPod to me, what do you think? This one was presented on the CeBiT with the remark: „We just have had the same idea!“. Hmm, if Apple is going to like this, I don’t believe so.
Another good copy is the shown product. Looks like a copy of the JBL Creature II Speakers. I guess, that they are going to push their fortune, doesn’t they???
Both products were found via (german only, sorry!!).

Airport Express Client for Ubuntu Breezy Badger

A couple of days ago I found this smart little tool (raop-play). Since I am an owner of an Airport Express I wanted to install this tool on Ubuntu using the .deb-File found on the download-links. But they are using an old version of the libfltk-Package. Therefor I have extracted this package and updated the version-information. Now you can find this updated package here. Have fun, installing it on Ubuntu Breezy Badger.

Colorful Mac Mini

Today I found a nice homepage of a company (Colorware PC), doing colorful replacements for iPods and other Mac stuff. I believe, that they just use the original cover and color it using quite some unique colors. Very very nice. Hope, that I am able to order something like this also here in germany 🙂 I found this link via They guy writing this blog, used to write this in german, but now he tries to do it in english, so be patient and look often on this site. I find it pretty interesting.

Big Music – iPod

Today, while waiting for my train to come, I stood in front of a very nice poster from the German Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (is this an english word???). Anyway, this poster can be found at and shows a face of a man and has the following text (translated) on it: Suddenly there is music, which is so hughe, that it does not fit on any iPod. I think this is a pretty nice advertisement for the philarmonic orchestra. A bigger version of this poster can be found at the home page on the bottom of the guys 🙂


This post was done using MarsEdit. I am still trying several Weblog Tools, but I have to admit, that I really like the NetNewsWire integration of this one 🙂 Editing this entry with another protocol to use. Now it is Moveable Type. Now it is again MetaWeblog-Compatible. I wonder, why I cannot set any category? Is this not supported from the protocol? Oh, I think, that now I can set categories, first, I have had to refresh the posts. Lets try… It should be now in Java and General. Well, this is not really a Java Related Post, but…
Well, it seems like it is not possible to use two categories, but I am able to set one category. This is fine with me. So back to General…, or should I create a new category called Mac???

DiabDiary for Objective-C

I already told you, that I am going to program a little application for the management diabetes blood glucose and insuline injections. Today I finised my first draft of this application. It is pretty basic and does not contain much functionality except entering new entries , deletion of them and also loading and saving of this data. Basically it is a copy of one of the examples found in the „Learning Cocoa with Objective-C“ book. This book is really helpful and should be in the shelf of every Cocoa beginner 🙂
I will publish this little program soon on my homepage, which is down at the moment, but will be the place for this and other projects I was/am involved in.
I have named the application DiabDiary and hope that this name is not already taken by another software. A screenshot of the main window of the application (remember, this is a very early stage of the software) can be viewed here: