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Install upmpdcli on Raspi 1 B+ with hifiberry dacplus using Archlinux

This could have been done using packages from the AUR, but I wanted to have the latest version. Furthermore some specifics do apply to my personal setup, because me is still using an rather old raspi 1 B+.

So, see the following steps to get this up and running on your own machine as well.

The first step is just for easier handling of users, so install sudo on the machine:

pacman -S sudo
visudo to add user alarm to sudoers

For details, on how to use sudo, please see the famous ArchWiki.

After this, several packages should get installed, to be able to compile all necessary packages:

pacman -S base-devel libupnp libmpdclient libmicrohttpd jsoncpp curl expat python2

As the usual user (alarm in my case), you can now download and compile and install libupnpp as well as upmpdcli. Note, that this could have been done using the AUR packages for these modules as well, but like I said, I wanted to do this all on my own and use the latest package versions.

curl -O
tar xzf libupnpp-0.16.0.tar.gz

cd libupnpp-0.16.0
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

cd ..

curl -O
tar xzf upmpdcli-1.2.15.tar.gz
cd upmpdcli-1.2.15
./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

groupadd --system upmpdcli
useradd -g upmpdcli --system upmpdcli -s /bin/false -d /
chown upmpdcli:upmpdcli /etc/upmpdcli.conf
mkdir /var/log/upmpdcli
chown upmpdcli:upmpdcli /var/log/upmpdcli
mkdir /var/cache/upmpdcli
chown upmpdcli:upmpdcli /var/cache/upmpdcli
mkdir /usr/share/upmpdcli
chown upmpdcli:upmpdcli /usr/share/upmpdcli

install -Dm644 systemd/upmpdcli.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/upmpdcli.service
sed '/\[Service\]/a User=upmpdcli' -i /usr/lib/systemd/system/upmpdcli.service

Now, several options should be edited in the /etc/upmpdcli.conf file, but this is not strictly necessary:

  • edit /etc/upmpdcli.conf
  • adopt friendlyname (eg. Upnp Sleeping Room)
  • adopt logfile (mine is /var/log/upmpdcli/upmpdcli.log)
  • adopt cachedir (mine is /var/cache/upmpdcli)

Now enable the services installed previously:

systemctl enable upmpdcli

Since me is using a hifiberry dac, I needed to add an overlay to the boot process by editing /boot/config.txt and adding the following line:


Since we are going to use alsa for the sound handling, we do need to install several packages:

pacman -S alsa-tools alsa-utils

To now enable this dac (basically a soundcard) the /etc/asound.conf should get edited:

pcm.!default {
type hw
card sndrpihifiberry
ctl.!default {
type hw
card sndrpihifiberry

To be able to handle alsa using the user „alarm“, we do need to add this user to the audio group as well:

sudo usermod -aG audio alarm

Since upmpdcli uses mpd, we do need to install this one as well:

pacman -S mpd

Now we can add the above mentioned soundcard to the file /etc/mpd.conf as well.

user "mpd"
pid_file "/run/mpd/"
state_file "/var/lib/mpd/mpdstate"
playlist_directory "/var/lib/mpd/playlists"
log_file "/var/log/mpd/mpd.log"
#log_level "verbose"
replaygain "album"
replaygain_preamp "15"

audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "sndrpihifiberry"
mixer_type "software"

Now you should reboot the machine. Afterwards, you can test the soundcard by issueing the following commands:

cat /proc/asound/cards
aplay -l

You can furthermore test the soundcard by issueing „aplay A-WAV-FILE“, which plays the given file.

All should be set, and the Controlpoint should now show the Renderer and be able to play albums and songs on this one.


Get Songbird

Yesterday I found Songbird, a media player based on Firefox. Because of this, it runs on any platform. I think even though it is in beta mode (version 0.2), it looks pretty promising and is working quite good. And it has some nice icons and stuff 🙂

A copy of the iPod Shuffle???

This looks like a good copy of the newest iPod to me, what do you think? This one was presented on the CeBiT with the remark: „We just have had the same idea!“. Hmm, if Apple is going to like this, I don’t believe so.
Another good copy is the shown product. Looks like a copy of the JBL Creature II Speakers. I guess, that they are going to push their fortune, doesn’t they???
Both products were found via (german only, sorry!!).

Big Music – iPod

Today, while waiting for my train to come, I stood in front of a very nice poster from the German Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (is this an english word???). Anyway, this poster can be found at and shows a face of a man and has the following text (translated) on it: Suddenly there is music, which is so hughe, that it does not fit on any iPod. I think this is a pretty nice advertisement for the philarmonic orchestra. A bigger version of this poster can be found at the home page on the bottom of the guys 🙂

Music and Coding

Just stumbled across this Blog. Pretty nice topic, I believe. I am coming from the rave scene as well, but now my taste changed and I am listening to Trip Hop and Ambient mainly. One of my all time favourite in Trip Hop/Downtempo is Kid Loco. Probably you know this guy. Slick music somewhere in between Hip Hop, Ambient and Techno. Also I begin to favour Jazz and stuff like this. With Jazz, I mean pretty much the electronic version of it, like Thievery Coporation. In the Ambient section I really like to listen to The Orb, especially there song „Little fluffy clouds“ is another all time favourite of mine. So, what do you listen to during coding time?

Albums To Listen To Before You Die

Well, I found this on Hifi78’s weblog and just thought, that I have some good albums as well, so therefor here is my list:

  • Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
  • London Calling – The Clash
  • Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Think Tank – Blur
  • This is Hardcore – Pulp
  • Moon Safari – Air
  • Elastica – Elastica
  • Never Mind the Bollocks Here?s the Sex Pistols – Sex Pistols
  • OK Computer – Radiohead
  • The Kiss of Morning – Graham Coxon
  • Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars – David Bowie
  • The Wall – Pink Floyd
  • Setting Sons – The Jam
  • America Beauty – The Grateful Dead
  • Toxicity – System of a Down
  • Train a Comin? – Steve Earle
  • Folksinger – Phranc
  • Come From the Shadows – Joan Baez
  • Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf
  • The River – Bruce Springsteen
  • The Very Best of Joan Armatrading – Joan Armatrading
  • Copperhead Road – Steve Earle
  • Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
  • Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits
  • Outside – David Bowie
  • Passionoia – Black Box Recorder
  • Version 2.0 – Garbage
  • Too Young To Die (Greatest Hits) – St. Etienne
  • The Complete Recordings – Robert Johnson
  • Absolution – Muse
  • Kind of Blue – Miles Davis
  • The Soft Bulletin – The Flaming Lips
  • Queens of the stone age – Songs for the Deaf
  • Ryan Adams – Heatbreaker
  • Blood On The Tracks – Bob Dylan
  • Midnight Marauders – Tribe Called Quest
  • Tommy – The Who

And now my three albums to listen to, before you die 🙂

  • Into the Dawn – Another Tale
  • Unplugged – Eric Clapton
  • DJ Kicks – Kid Loco

Hope you will enjoy listening to these Albums as much as I do/did 🙂

Numark DMX01 USB

Today I received my new Numark DMX01 USB mixer. This is a nice mixer with two USB interfaces. With these interfaces you can use the mixer also as two dedicated sound cards. If you are using a program like Traktor you can use your computer (Traktor runs on Macs as well) as turntables. Therefor I can now play my mp3s and mix them with this nice little tool. I was really excited today and because the problem with the power outages I wrote earlier about, are solved, I can fully use it.
So now I am going to mix a couple of CDs and try to do some nice work with this 🙂 First I have had some trouble using Traktor, but now everything is up and running. Traktor 2.5.3 can use the sound cards of the DMX01 natively and you can mix your mp3s with this tools pretty easily.
I am a pretty heavy Downtempo fan and like to listen to music from the kinds of Kid Loco and also Thievery Corporation and stuff like this. Now I can try to make some CDs for a couple of friends and also for myself. Hope, they will enjoy this as much as I am doing it.