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The best Desktop Distribution in the world (IMHO).

Evolution and LDAP

First you have to install openldap (which is also required for egroupware, but more on this, later on). After this, you need to modify the configurationfile /etc/ldap/slapd.conf. There you have to add the entry

# Indexing options for database #1
index objectClass eq
rootdn „cn=admin,dc=javafreedom,dc=org“
rootpw secret

This will give the user admin with the password secret write access to the LDAP Directory. Please note, that I changed the domain to my current domain ( With this user, you can later add entries to the Directory. I would also like to establish different users with different rights, but this I have to investigate.

Furthermore I added the schema evolutionperson.schema to the slapd, so that I can use nearly all fields of the Evolution contacts. In Ubuntu, you can find this file in the directory /usr/share/evolution-data-server-1.8. So add this with the following entry into the configuration:

include /etc/ldap/schema/evolutionperson.schema
Now I can use nearly all fields in evolution, only the Instant Messaging Attributes are missing, but I am trying to add these on my own.

Ubuntu Server and Hula

Today I tried to install Hula on an Ubuntu Server. This is a real complex one, I have to admit. Since I installed it, using the Ubuntu Dapper Packages on the offered site, the installation instructions are not fully self-explaning. In my install, I would like to change the PREFIX to something senseful, but what does it really mean? I am currently investigating this and will report back 🙂

Desklets / Widges II

I just found another alternative to gDesklets and aDesklets. This is Jackfield, with which it seems to be possible to use Dashboard Widgets from Apple. I will have a look on this and report back, as soon as I have some experiences with it 🙂


Since I am using Ubuntu Linux on nearly all of my machines (except on work, where I have to use Windoof), I wanted to have some nice Desklets on my machine. Something like Konfabulator or the Apple Widgets. Therefor I am using normally gDesklets (Site currently down 🙁 ). But I am not really impressed with the performance of this tool. Therefor I stumbled across aDesklets, which seems to be not as resource hungry. I am right now not sure, what project is better, but gdesklets seems to have more desklets available. Anyway, I will give aDesklets a try and hope, that the guys from gdesklets will soon bring their site up, so that I can download their new version, which they promised 🙂

GUIKACHU and Ubuntu

For the installation of guikachu you can use the easy way (well, apt-get install guikachu), but this will give you a very buggy version of this tool. Therefor I wanted to use the latest version (Guikachu 1.5.8). Therefor I did a kind of adventure. Here are my experiences: There are some pre-requesits to make the guikachu stuff on your own. First you have to get the tarball. Then you should also get all the required libraries like expat, libglademm, libgtkmm, glibmm and the XML::Parser stuff. Also you definitly should use gcc-3.3 and g++-3.3. Then I have had to create a link from g++-3.3 to g++, so that the make stuff could find the g++ compiler. Very annyoing. But now it looks like I have this stuff working. For what purpose do I need this guikachu? I would like to implement a new application on my palm pilot and I don’t wanna do this using suerwaba, because this is not really the way to go, if you would like to implement stuff which uses the hardware etc. Let’s see where this is going to end. I think it is quite annoying, that there are no real good apps for the development of palm os software on linux. So the whole stuff now compiles, but still not running. I get a very annoying glibc error message. what to do??????

Palm T|X (TX) and Evolution NetSync

Today I got the network sync via the wifi adapter of the Palm TX device working. There is no way to configure this via the GUI of the Evolution Synch mechanism (gpilotd). Therefor I have had to modify the gpilotd-configuration file via an editor. This file can be found (on Ubuntu Dapper Drake) in the directory ~/.gnome2/gnome-pilot.d. On some websites there is a short explanation, that you should enter an IP and a hostname for the palm device. Well, for me it just works without. So in the following there is my gpilotd-file:



I hope that this will work for others as well. There are just two minor drawbacks with this configuration. I have to start gpilotd manually and also you cannot even think about using the GUI again for the configuration of the Palm Sync 🙁 Well, maybe there is going to be a solution in the next release?

Password Manager

Hello, currently I am looking for a password manager. I have one on my linux box (Revelation) which does exactly what I need. Also I am using PasswordSafe at work, where I have to use a windoze box. These two are pretty much interchangeable, because they can read/write the same dataformat. Now I am looking for a software, which reads the same format on the Palm OS. Also it would be possible to interchange the data through a secure communication, possibly this is a solution? I just found KeyRing for PalmOS, but this is not compatible. Are there any solutions for this kind of problem? I cannot believe this. BTW, I did not wrote an entry, that I bought a Palm TX. I have had to decide if I buy a Axim (Dell) or a Palm. My decision was a Palm because right now I have no windoze box at home, and I don’t want to change this. Furthermore Palm is supported by evolution and gnome and right now there is no sync between evolution and windows mobile 5. Anyway, I still have the Password manager issue. Can anybody help me?

Ubuntu Server

Like I stated earlier, today I installed the server installation of ubuntu (Ubuntu ServerTeam. I have to admit, that the installation worked pretty straight forward, like I expected. I installed no LAMP-Server, and therefor the installation is a very clean install. This is good, because no un-needed packaged are installed, but there is not even an SSH server installed 🙁 Anyway, the ServerTeam does not have defined any real server compontens which should be installed, this is bad. I definitly would like to install webmin, and I believe that I am going to install this, but will it be in the next release? Because of this, and because I just installed this new distribution, with just a few installation/configuration changes, I think I will change my decision to another server-based distribution like SME Server. The only thing is, that this is not based on deb-packages, and I got used to these 🙁 Well, let’s see what the future brings.


Today I found EasyUbuntu. Pretty nice, I think, so I don’t have to install SUNs jdk and other stuff on my own any more 🙂 There is also Automatix, which is pretty nice also. Since I am already using Dapper, I guess I have to wait a little to use these tools on my machine.
Also today I installed the new ubuntu server (a daily snapshot). Well, what should I say, it is a server distribution and everything works, like I knew it would, since I have had debian installed on this machine.