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Sell out the ASF…????

Currently I am looking a little into the Java EE 5 Stuff from SUN. During the researches I discovered a new company on the horizon Simula Labs. This company seems to be basically build up on the work done in the open source area of the Apache Software Foundation.
I am not sure, if this is right. Is this company just getting products out of the ASF and market these products or is it also investing time and money into the ASF? I hope it is the latter.
Anyway, I believe that Open Source is not really anymore an area, where some geeks just write up some nice code. Now it seems that it is all about earning money and about getting attention. The main example of this is probably SUN, which releases their application Server as Glassfish in an Open Source manner, IBM with Eclipse pretty much the same, and even Red Hat (with JBoss) is an example for this.
So where does this take us? I hope, that the communities are not going to be splitted due to the mentioned facts. Let’s wait and see…

Hack the LaFonera II

If you have a new Firmware on your LaFonera (e.g. 0.7.1r1) you should use the description found on this page. It uses another field then found in the BingoBommel hack, and therefor it will work even with this firmware version. You will get some strange errors telling you, that no fieldvalue for the Channel and Method (B/G) was given. Just use the other hack, and you will get lucky as well.

Hello, now I am a FONero ( I have installed a new AP in my Living room. There is some stuff missing in the documentation of the routers. I have ordered two BUFFALO WHR-G54S and tried to configure it correctly. One was running out of the Box, the other one have had obviously still the original Buffalo Firmware on it. Furthermore there is a problem, when the AP is not connected to a DHCP Router. This can be solved pretty easily, you can connect your Computer via the LAN-Interface of the Router and can connect directly to the WAN-Configuration ( There you can configure a static IP for the connection to the Internet. Now it is running. But still, I have the problem, that I wanted to connect to the router also through the WAN interface. therefor you have to re-configure the file /etc/firewall.user and open the ports 22 (SSH) and 80 (HTTP) for the Network. By default you will see two lines in this file, which you have to un-comment, to open SSH, also you can then copy these lines and change the Port to 80, then HTTP is also accessible. This is only needed in networks, where the router is not connected directly to the Internet, like suggested from To edit this file, you first have to delete the link to it and copy the original file from /rom/etc/. Take care, because you can misconfigure the IPTable-Rulez and get no more connect to the Router. The obvious solution for this kind of problem is to re-Flash the Firmware 🙂 BTW, to get connect to the router, you need to configure the password at the Router-Homepage at You will get access to this page, as soon as your router connects to the Internet. It takes a little bit of time, to sync the router and the configuration. Greetz Markus

Cocoon Lenya

Another message from the confused mind. Currently I am working on a pretty nice homepage for (sorry, it’s in german). This homepage is for a free wireless network based in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. I am using Lenya to generate and build this site. Lenya is a pretty straight forward tool. But right now, I would like to include a link to an external resource to my sitetree. anybody here, who can help me there? Anyway, also I am using a forum from an external provider. They told me, that I can use a php-page on my site and then the domain, etc. wouldn’t change. Well thats nice, but how to use this with leny. I need to implement a php-page into leny. This will kind of make it pretty hard. Or I just publish this page once (it is updated by the provider of the forum automatically) and just link it from the sitetree.xml (once again, the same problem). I believe that there must be a solution for this, I just cannot find it. Even though I googled quite a lot of time on this issue 🙁

WLAN for Free in FFM?

Today is still a nice vacation day here in Germany 🙂 Also the weather is pretty nice, so what would you like to get more? Hm, on the other side the work is getting more and more and therefore I am pressed to do some of this stuff today 🙁 But anyway, I will still enjoy the rest of the day and try to get some work done. It is more relaxed to work at home then to work at the office. Sometimes I really miss the time when I was working for the small startup where I was one of the founders. This meant a lot of work, but also a lot of fun 🙂 But I hope, that better times are coming soon. Currently we, a friend of mine, and myself are kind of planning something similar like Dirk, one of the founders of WirelessLeiden (see: Dirks Node), whom I met at CeBIT brought me to this idea. Another friend of mine tried something similar in a small town close to Frankfurt, but with a kind of business background. He wanted to earn money with this, but did not get any money from the bank and therefore the whole idea died. I hope, that I can get him and his knowledge now in this kind of „open source“ idea, so that we can get whole FFM covered with WLAN for free 🙂 *dream on Markus* Yepp, more dreams are coming up, probably somebody will join us here? Especially we are looking for somebody living in big skyscrapers, so that we can establish line of sight between the whole city 🙂

Wireless in Germany

I just browsed a little through the internet and recognized, that many people here in germany are interested in WLAN and WarDriving. I build already a small collection of links for this and will publish them later on my new homepage. This link will then be published here as well 🙂