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Sipgate and Siproxd and SJPhone

Hello again. Today I am on the move to my new flat. But before I am moving, I have to write my experiences in configuring my small firewall with Siproxd and SJPhone for the usage of (a german VoIP Provider). The configuration I took was pretty much the same like the one, which can be found here. My only Problem was the usage of SJPhone (a VoIP application, which can be run on nearly all OSes).
In the profile of SJPhone I created a new Service called Sipgate and configured it to use my firewall as the proxy domain and as the user domain. The proxy is strict outbound and you have to click „register with proxy“. Then I have had to configure the Stun to on the port 10000. I just tested it with the call of the testnumber sipgate provides and it runs

XBox and Xebian and Freevo

Hello again, once again I have done some work on my XBox. I installed Xebian on it, and I have to admit, that it runs pretty smoothly. I chose the installation into an disk image on the e: drive of the xbox with 2GB of space. It turns out, that this is not really enough 🙂 After the installation I put the linux configuration into the dashboard of the box and now I can even start linux out of my evox. but it turned out, that linux cannot boot smoothly, until … I removed the joypad from the box 🙂 So after this hassle, I installed freevo on the box. Then I updated the debian system beneath the xebian distro. Freevo is a pretty neat tool, but I am still missing some things from e.g. the XBMC. Anyway, I will dig deeper and report back.

XBox wireless III

Hmm, in the last entry, I wrote, that the XBox is running wireless. Well, it was. But now, it isn’t once again. Now I have to find out, where the problem is. Very very strange.
Hello, fortunately my XBox sees now my XNS-Server and all the shared files, but the streaming of the information via wireless network seems to be impossible. What is the problem there? The server or is it the streaming protocol or even the Access Point? Currently I am not sure, but I hope, that I figure this stuff out, I hope.

XBox wireless II

Hmm, yesterday I posted already about my problems with the XBox and the usage of my wireless network. Somebody asked in the comments for a little more information. Okay now, here it comes:
At my TV I have a DLink DWL-2000AP wich is configured for client mode. Also I have a switch there (DES-1500E). This link is working with my Laptop (Ubuntu Linux), but not with the XBox. For my main network I am using a Linksys WRT54g running an openwrt-firmware. Like I already stated, the whole stuff is working using my Laptop. Even the port (1400) is working for the XNS protocol, which I try to use. In the last blog I stated already, that I tried to do the whole protocol stuff using my Laptop and this worked. There is no firewall between the networks and also there is no encryption used at all. Probably this information will now make you able to help me?

XBox wireless?

At the beginning of this week, I picked up my XBox. This is a patched box, where XBox MediaCenter is running. I already have an Access Point on my TV, which is in Client Mode. Therefore I tried to connect the box to this AP. It is, for some reason, not working. I tried to use my Laptop with Ubuntu on the same AP and this is running perfectly.
I see the XBox from my Laptop, when they are both connected to the same switch and also to the AP. Also, it is not a problem, with my Laptop to connect to the rest of the wireless network. Only the XBox seems to have problems to connect to other computers using wireless. As long as the XBox is wired to the network, no problem with connecting to other computers. Now I wander, where the problem lies???
The problem just occurs, if the router/gateway is only reachable via wireless. If they are on the same switch (not the one on my TV set), which is also an AP, then I can connect even to computers on the wireless lan (e.g. my eMac). Does anybody has any clue, what the problem is?

Numark DMX01 USB

Today I received my new Numark DMX01 USB mixer. This is a nice mixer with two USB interfaces. With these interfaces you can use the mixer also as two dedicated sound cards. If you are using a program like Traktor you can use your computer (Traktor runs on Macs as well) as turntables. Therefor I can now play my mp3s and mix them with this nice little tool. I was really excited today and because the problem with the power outages I wrote earlier about, are solved, I can fully use it.
So now I am going to mix a couple of CDs and try to do some nice work with this 🙂 First I have had some trouble using Traktor, but now everything is up and running. Traktor 2.5.3 can use the sound cards of the DMX01 natively and you can mix your mp3s with this tools pretty easily.
I am a pretty heavy Downtempo fan and like to listen to music from the kinds of Kid Loco and also Thievery Corporation and stuff like this. Now I can try to make some CDs for a couple of friends and also for myself. Hope, they will enjoy this as much as I am doing it.

Still working… Now DVB-T

Haha, my eMac and my hifi are still working together. Great.
Today I googled for a couple of DVB-T receivers. Since I am living in an area, where DVB-T is available I don’t need the TV antenna cable anymore. These boxes are pretty nice, but up until now, there does not seem to be one, which is able to stream my movies from the eMac to the TV directly. This is possible with my dBox (which runs linux). One of the nicer boxes seems to be Hauppauge DEC2000-T. But even via VDR does not seem to be able to stream from the Mac or a Linux box to the TV 🙁 Anyway, I guess I will buy this box, because I can then stream from the box to the pc and I can still use my old dBox to stream the other way.
Well, another day, some other confused thoughts…

New DVD Player and power outages…

Well, today I received my new DVD player, which I got as a goody with my credit card 🙂 So, basically this one was for free. It works pretty good, except, that it does not recognize MP3 DVDs. It is a Mustek one, so I guess a pretty cheap one. But hey, up until now, I have had to use my XBox as a DVD player and also a portable CD Player as a CD Player. Now I just have a fixed apperature on my Hifi-Rack 🙂 Finally I also got rid of my VCR.
But I still have a problem, connecting my eMac to the Hifi via a normal RCA cable. Every time I connect both (the eMac and the Hifi) my main fuse is going to blow. The problem is not occuring, when both of my servers are not connected to the power. I still don’t get, where the problem is 🙁 I just have one phase for my whole flat, so probably this is the problem? I really don’t get it, since even when the servers are not powered, I get the power outage. Only when the servers and the attached screen are not connected to the power cable at all, the stuff is working. This is pretty bad, since all my MP3s are saved on my central file server.
Any ideas, why this is happening? Like I said, this just happens, when I connect the eMac and the Hifi, the stuff itself is working pretty great. Where is the problem????????

Power Outages due to eMac???

In my last blog, I wrote about the problems I have with the power outages, as soon as I connect my nice little eMac with my Hifi. I tried to get rid of all un needed equipment on my power lines. So only the hifi and the mac, but still I have a power outage. It looks like the mac is not really protected against such stuff 🙁 What to do now? I am very very very upset about this.
A possible solution would be to get another mac (well, this time a powerbook). But I have already more then enough computers, and therefor I would like to get the current setup up and running. Jeez, I thought I have already the solution, but the problem was, that I have had the mic connected to the stereo and not the headphones jack. after I switched the jacks, the same thing happend again. Another nice power outage, while only the mac and the stereo where connected to the power plug 🙁 This is really nasty. Seems like I need another computer (Powerbook or Powermac) to get this now up and running. BTW, Aiport Express is not an option, since I would also like to connect a mixer (Numark DMX-01USB) to the eMac and the stereo. Very bad now…